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“Do what you love and you will be happy. He who does what he loves is blessedly destined for success, which will come when it should come, because what should be will be and will come naturally."


- Facundo Cabral

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Claudia Saavedra


Mexican-Colombian raised in the United States, Claudia Saavedra is a persistent Latina, looking to break ground in the Real Estate market. With studies in Psychology at the prestigious Florida International University (FIU), Melissa is a Real Estate associate of Prestige 1 Realty.

With more than three years of experience in the competitive Real Estate market, her constant focus on general and client support has led Claudia to successfully connect with numerous national and international clients. “I am passionate about helping my clients find their dream home and take some of the stress out of selling/renting a property.” Claudia states that her main motivation to continue growing in the Realestate market, is the constant smiles of happiness and satisfaction from her clients.

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