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“The key to success is listening to our customers and defining their purchase and investment objectives. Putting ourselves in her shoes has defined the success and results that our work at Prestige 1 Realty brings”


Melissa Hernandez

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Melissa Hernandez


With studies in International Business at the prestigious Florida International University (FIU), Melissa is in charge of the administration of the Miami office and Real Estate sales at Prestige 1 Realty.

Her youth and millennial vision has enabled Prestige 1 Realty to access diverse markets and has opened new paths to create opportunities in a constantly changing world.


With more than two years of experience in the competitive Real Estate market, Melissa's social skills have led her to connect with diverse cultures and create opportunities around the world in order to bring competitive advantages to Prestige 1 Realty clients.

Call me: 786.661.7029

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