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“He who says he CAN and he who says he CAN'T, are both usually right”, that is, nothing stops Sergio because his mentality is to consolidate what his thinking determines!


- Sergio Remedio

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Sergio Remedio


Born in Cuba, and with studies in Computer Science at the prestigious Florida International University (FIU) foundation, Sergio discovered his passion for the real estate market while working as a software engineer for a robotics company. He is currently a Real Estate agent specializing in residential and soon commercial properties at Prestige 1 Realty.

His social skills and millennial vision have led him to constantly interact with people and professionals from various industries to connect opportunities at Prestige 1 Realty. His constant motivation for successful characters in the industry have led Sergio to a constant process of reinvention and growth.


With more than two years of experience in the competitive Real Estate market, Sergio's social skills have led him to interact and inspire diverse cultures and create opportunities around the world to bring competitive advantages to Prestige 1 Realty clients.

Call me: 305.609.2963

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