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"My goal is to protect and satisfy the interests of my clients by cultivating a relationship based on principles of loyalty, trust and respect, which has meant establishing a lasting relationship with them and Prestige 1 Realty".


- Angie Daza

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Angie Daza


Born in Chicago, IL and from a Colombian family, Angie has been in her succesful career of Real Estate as the President of "Prestige 1 Realty" and its Real Estate Broker for more than 20 years. Named the Best Republican Woman in the State of Georgia by the Wall Street Journal in 2006, Angie is noted for her constant and immersive innovation in the real estate market, as well as her commitment to protecting the best interests of her clients. Energy, effort, and dedication are some of the values ​​that she puts into practice to provide a service of the highest level.

With studies in Hospitality and Tourism, Angie is a specialist in luxury home marketing and investment, which has led Prestige 1 Realty to position itself with a unique boutique service, both in Miami and at its headquarters in Indiana.

With her focus being the value she brings to Luxury Real Estate clients, Angie creates constant opportunities and diverse international options for Prestige 1 Realty.

Call me: 786.897.2285

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